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MPEG модули видео и аудио кодеков

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Modules allow customers to integrate SOC's high-end video CODEC technology into their products using a small plug-and-play system-on-module (SOM) card rather than the raw IP Core. The card sizes are 1.7" x 2.7", 2.0" x 2.7", and 2.5' x 2.7", with a 204-pin DDR3-style interface. They are sold with pre-configured standard configurations (encoders, decoders, transcoders of standard resolutions and frame rates), using SOC's high-performance CODEC IP Cores as the core. Customer required specifications are also available with MOQ.

To use modules, simply add a 204-pin DDR3 socket in your host PCB board, and send data through the card following guidelines in the integration sheets provided. PBC reference design for connecting the DDR3 connector is also provided.

SOC CODEC Modules can be configured as encoders or decoders of any MPEG standard; H.264, MPEG-2, and H.265. Modules can also be configured with transcoding IP Cores to convert between compression formats. Additionally, the modules can be configured with customer-built firmware for customized products if so desired.

SOC CODEC Modules can be evaluated on SOC's evaluation and development boards before purchasing. Customers may license development board schematics to develop their own boards if desired.

CODEC Modules allow for a simple modular, all-in-one, integration mechanism.

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