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SOC offers high-performance H.264 IP Cores, H.265 IP Cores, and MPEG-2 IP Cores for encoding, decoding, and transcoding video and audio data. SOC's MPEG CODEC engines offer unbeatable performance of latency, power-efficiency, and silicon footprint with no sacrifices in quality.

SOC has managed to fit an incredible amount of processing power into a tiny resource footprint.

Supported FPGAS

SOC IP Cores are designed to work on all Altera and XILINX FPGAS and SoCs.


SOC's customers span a wide range of industries from broadcast to video surveillance. Many have very strict bandwidth and video quality standards. SOC has developed a series of standards-compliant CODEC IP Cores that produce sharp quality at very low latency, and using very few resources.

Ultra-low latency

SOC's all-hardware architecture executes in parallel as much as possible. Executing many stages per clock cycle enables real-time capture-to-display solutions. SOC's 0.25ms latency is among the lowest in the industry, and is superior to CPU and DSP-based solutions.

Ultra-low power consumption

SOC's MPEG2, H.264, and H.265 encoders, decoders, and transcoders use proprietary micro-parallel all-hardware processing. Power savings can mean longer battery life for wireless applications like solar-powered/remote surveillance, portable high-definition (HD) cinematography, and FPV vehicle control; or huge cost savings for bulk video-processing operations.

Ultra-small footprint

Full CODECs can fit into standard off-the-shelf XILINX and Altera FPGAs, usually with plenty of resources available for additional customer IP.

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